Thursday, August 1, 2013

5th New York Volunteer Infantry, Sash and Saber

Chris Hughes of Sash and Saber sculpts my favorite Civil War figures in 28mm.  I have had these zouaves primed and ready for painting for a couple of years now.  As I make my way through my lead pile, these made a nice distraction from American Revolution and Napoleonic figures.

I've always thought the 5th New York had the best looking zouave uniform of the war.

The flags are from GMB.  All of my 28mm Civil War regiments have GMB flags.  It's one area on which I am unwilling to compromise.

The 5th NY's NCOs had yellow rank chevrons on a red background.  It looks pretty striking.

The sculpts are full of animation while still looking like a disciplined unit.


  1. Those really look great Scott! I need to get some of those.:-)

    Redoubt tops my list, but Sash and Sabre come in a close second. The reason being both brands pack their figures with a lot of animation and character without coming off ridiculous.


  2. Beautiful, Beautiful regiment you have painted. I have painted the Iron Brigade, 4 regiments in total, all from Sash & Saber, which are my favourite figure range for this period.......if you ever think about selling them please drop me an email.



  3. Really like this unit!
    Very colorful, but silly.

  4. ...but NOT silly is what I meant to type.

  5. I have been visting your blog for years and have learned lots of info....great blog. Now I blog...


  6. Simply stunning, Scott. I've really enjoyed looking at all your ACW blog posts and photos. Such clear painting and super-clear photos. Absolutely terrific.