Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dismounted Rebel Cavalry

Here are 38 dismounted Confederate cavalrymen.  All figures are from Sash and Saber.  The flags are from GMB.

I like my rebels to have the classic "motley" look.  I used a variety of greys, butternuts, and browns on these figures.

These figures are the last I am likely to finish for some time.  I went back to teaching full time last week, and full time teaching takes much more than 40 hours per week.  I'm afraid I won't have much time to paint any time soon!


  1. going out on a bang then, I love the rich color you get on your figures. Good luck with the teaching we will be waiting to see more painting during the school holidays then
    Peace James

  2. Your work is outstanding! I hope you teach a subject that will allow some transfer of your hobby into the classroom. There are plenty of ways to work gaming into school even if in an after school club. I taught for 40 years and can count the number of bad days I had on one hand. Good luck with every classroom encounter and enjoy your career.

  3. Fantastic work, great colors and basing.

  4. Lovely work and beautiful tones on the figures! Good luck with the teaching and hope to see more of your figures when you get time.


  5. Very nice, like the static grass on the basing.

  6. Thanks, all. I just wish I had time to paint more right now! I have the mounted figures all primed and ready, but work and kids are devouring all my painting time.