Friday, August 2, 2013

71st Foot, King's Mountain Miniatures

Bill Nevins of King's Mountain Miniatures was kind enough to send me some samples of his range.  These 28mm figures are specifically intended to portray the 71st Foot "Fraser's Highlanders," who wore the Scottish bonnet throughout the war.  Troiani writes that they wore tartan trousers throughout the war as well, but I did not have the nerve to attempt the pattern on these figures.

Sculpted by Alan Marsh, these are beautiful figures.  I've spent a lot of time over the past six weeks painting British button lace; these figures have the best defined lace I have found, making them very easy to paint.  In fact, every detail on these figures seems designed with the painted in mind.  Crisp, prominent relief on straps, cuffs, turnbacks, even cap lace, made these figures a joy to paint.  I finished these three figures in about two hours.

Old Glory (Second Edition), King's Mountain, Perry 

King's Mountain, Fife & Drum

The figures are a good match for existing ranges.  Their height is perfect, and their bulk falls somewhere between Perry and Old Glory.

I think it's time to order a regiment for my collection.


  1. I like them a lot. I thought they looked OK in the bare lead, but once I started painting them, I was a fan. Now that they are based, I find myself trying to justify painting a few dozen of them. Couldn't I build a Sharp Practice scenario around the 71st?

  2. Nicely painted and a useful comparison. I would have no problem fielding all of the manufacturers' wares on the table together.

    I don't blame you for skirting the trews. That would be more punishment than kilts.

  3. Nice painting on some nice sculpts, Scott. BTW, I met the piper for a reenactment group of the 71st up in Vancouver, B.C. several months ago at a convention. Very interesting man with a lot of knowledge of the unit. Best, Dean

  4. These are fabulous as usual Scott.

    I understand your worry about painting tartan trousers. I have a battalion of Victrix 42nd Highlanders to paint. I am seriously considering buying those Flags of War tartan decals.

  5. I mentioned you on my blog today, "". I'm thinking of loosening up my painting style. I like the prolific nature of your painting, and the massed look of your 15mm figs. Thanks for lots of great material.

  6. Hi Scott,
    Great Blog, hope you don't mind me linking to it for your great work on the King's Mountain Highlanders.


  7. Scott : I like all of your figures but those Highlanders look very nice. I use Kings Mt Highlanders in my Fife & Drum British army. I was amazed at how similar the two ranges are in height and heft.


  8. Tartan highlander decals wow now that would be a time saver how hard are they to put on I wonder?