Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Retrospective

2015 was another busy year at the painting desk for me, with a total of 1,510 figures finished, or about four figures each day.

This year most of my painting was for commission work.  When I moved to my dream neighborhood in 2011, I lost my dedicated wargaming room.  Now I am saving my pennies to build a two story garage with the top floor as a dedicated hobby space.

My 2015 totals were:

28mm Foot: 150
28mm Mounted: 36
28mm Guns: 4
15mm Foot: 1040
15mm Mounted: 254
15mm Guns: 26

For my collections:
15mm Ancient Greeks, 280 hoplites, 112 light troops, 24 cavalry
15mm Napoleonics, 24 British cavalry, 38 French cavalry
28mm Napoleonic French, 30 cavalry
28mm ACW, 16 Union infantry
28mm World War II, 14 American infantry, 8 German infantry

For commissions:
15mm Napoleonic French, 648 foot, 168 cavalry, 20 guns
28mm Colonial British, 96 infantry, 16 gunners, 4 guns, 6 mounted generals

My Analogue Hobbies scoring system total for the year was 4,506 points, a slight increase from last year.  My problem with that system is that it equates scale with painting difficulty, something I do not think is true at all.  A 15mm AB French fusilier is two or three times more difficult to paint than a 28mm WW2 American infantryman.

I plan to spend 2016 plugging away on my giant Napoleonics commission.  I had hope to finish it within a year, but with three small children placing demands on my time, that probably won't happen.  Still, I am maintaining a good painting pace.

Happy gaming in 2016, everyone!


  1. Well done, Scott!

    I tend to agree with you regarding Analogue Hobby's Painting Points but it is still a useful scoring system. I find AB Napoleonics difficult to paint and almost prefer painting one 25mm figure to one 18mm AB!

    1. Amen, brother. So much detail in such a tiny figure! But they do look great once done.

  2. The way that you paint them, they look amazing! Thanks for taking on this huge commission. The results are well worth the wait. What an epic undertaking!

    1. Thanks, Glenn! I spent today getting the white shade on the German line infantry. Hopefully the Austrians will go pretty quickly.

  3. I agree on the point system. I consider it an internal scale, as there is no way to compare the numerical output between collectors without considering the quality of their work. Your work is exquisite and far beyond the concept of (2pts each)

    1. Thanks, Jake. I guess maybe period plays a role too. I know I can crank out ACW without much effort, but Napoleonics seem to take a ton of time.

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