Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Giant Commission -- French Guard Cavalry, Wurttembergers, Odds and Ends

These are the last units for the French army.  Now I just have casualty markers to make.

Guard Cavalry: Horse Grenadiers and Dragoons

Guard Cavalry: Chasseurs a Cheval and Lancers

1st and 2nd Wurttemberg Chevauxleger

Replacement Guard Horse Artillery and Fusilier-Grenadiers

While I wait on bases for the casualty markers, I will start basing and flocking the army.  There are almost 200 bases to do!


  1. Replies
    1. That is Glenn's mix: Vallejo "Intense Blue" with a drop of Delta's "Prussian Blue."

  2. Two hundred stands to base and flock?
    That will be a BIG job! It will be fun to see your French Army painted, based, flocked, and arrayed for battle.

    Maybe we should 'test' them out on the game table before they are delivered. Think of it as a battle QA exercise. Wouldn't want Glenn to get a bunch of French that won't fight, would we?

  3. Jonathan - You'll have to just send them out on field exercises. They don't have any opponents yet. ;-)

    1. Soon! The Austrian infantry is ready for priming. I'm just waiting for a break in the weather. If it keeps raining, I will just prime them in smaller batches inside.