Monday, April 11, 2016

Giant Commission -- Austrian Hussars

Ah, Austrian hussars.  Is there anything better than Austrian hussars?  That is a rhetorical question.  Nothing is better than Austrian hussars.

Here, in all their colorful glory, are all twelve Austrian hussar regiments.

I do not know if I have made it clear on this blog, but I am really enjoying this massive commission.  Yes, it's a lot of figures, and yes, it's a bit of a downer not getting to paint anything for myself.  But these AB figures are all first rate.  It's a lot of fun to make my maximum effort on these.  And because Glenn wants to field one stand of each regiment, I get to paint EVERY uniform fielded during the Napoleonic Wars.  Whenever anyone asks me, "have you ever painted the x regiment," I can always answer with an emphatic YES!

The Austrian light dragoons are up next.


  1. And how lucky am I that you are enjoying it?! I appreciate your talent and hard work more than you know. There are very few 'Scott MacPhee painted armies' in the world, and I have the privilege of owning several of them.
    This is a magnificent project, and only possible because you were willing to take it on.
    Thank you, my friend.

  2. These are fantastic Scott and a real treat to view!


  3. Fantastic justa one small or maybe not small would it be possible to get a list of what exactly is planned
    OK maybe I can work it out by trawling through the posts but it would be so more convenient if I knew ju

    1. I'm painting the armies of the major combatants in the Napoleonic Wars: France, Austria, Britain, Prussia, and Russia. Each army has about 500 infantry, 120 horse, and 20 guns. The only minor countries are the British allied troops from Waterloo.

  4. Actually.... I've been meaning to mention that I'd like to add French Allies as well:
    Grand Duchy of Warsaw
    Kingdom of Northern Italy.

    Each would have 12 - 18 stands of Infantry, 8 or so stands of cavalry, a few artillery pieces