Monday, October 31, 2016

Giant Commission -- Russian Dragoons

This morning I finished up these 74 horsemen.  72 of them are dragoons, and two are Russian mounted officers.

I like to paint the light cavalry on lighter colored horses and the heavies on darker mounts.  There are five basic horse colors here with variants on highlights and tails/manes.

Painting the same poses on each stick makes the process faster, but of course you don't want all of your regiments to contain identical poses.  You can see the numbers on the sticks, which correspond to the trooper's regiment.  That way I can still mix up the poses within each unit.  Only the facing colors are different.  Here is my key to the numbers.  The units marked with an asterisk were present at Borodino.

Regiment Name / Facings / Collars / Buttons
1. Riga Dragoons / Red / Red / Gold
2. Tiraspol Dragoons / Red / Dark Green / Gold
3. *Harkov Dragoons / Orange / Orange / Gold
4. Tver Dragoons / Dk Blue / Dk Blue / Gold
5. *Chernikhov Dragoons / Dk Blue / Dk Blue / Silver
6. St. Petersbg Dragoons / Pink / Pink / Gold
7. *Moscow Dragoons / Pink / Pink / Silver
8. Smolensk Dragoons / Yellow / Yellow / Gold
9. Serpuchov Dragoons / Yellow / Dark Green / Gold
10. Dorpat Dragoons / Yellow / Dark Green / Silver
11. *Pskov Dragoons / Dk Orange / Dk Orange / Gold / *Flag
12. Kargopol Dragoons / Dk Orange / Dk Orange / Silver / *Flag
13. Kargopol Dragoons / Dk Orange / Dk Orange / Silver / *Flag
14. Vladimir Dragoons / Buff / Dk Green / Gold
15. Nijegorod Dragoons / Buff / Buff / Silver
16. Taganrog Dragoons / Grey / Dark Green / Gold
17. Narva Dragoons / Grey / Grey / Silver
18. *Orenburg Dragoons / Black / Black / Silver
19. *Irkutzk Dragoons / White / White / Gold
20. *Siberia Dragoons / White / White  / Silver
21. *Kiev Dragoons / Lt Crimson / Lt Crimson / Silver
22. *Kurland Dragoons / Turquoise / Turquoise / Gold
23. *New Russia Dragoons / Turquoise / Turquoise / Silver
24. *Nizhinsk Dragoons / Turquoise / Dark Green / Gold

Here are the two mounted officers.

I have just the cuirassiers, hussars, uhlans, and guard cavalry left to go, and the Russian army will be complete.  It should not be long now!


  1. Scott! The old adage of "practice makes perfect" definitely holds here. I love your horses. You are a master of both organization and the brush.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Jon. I have indeed had enough practice!

  2. This is your finest work!
    Truly beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Glenn! I still think the Austrian hussars are a shade better, but then I am a sucker for Austrian hussars.

  3. Beautiful work and love the points on the painting technique too! :)

    1. Thank you Mark! Some day I will make a video of my painting technique. I just have to figure out a good setup.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Paul. I love your Saxon light cavalry that you posted the other day! The edging on the saddle blankets was especially good.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Phil. I took a stroll through your blog today, and it is very impressive! You have given me some ideas for color combos when I finally start my 15mm ancient Persian army.

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