Thursday, November 3, 2016

Giant Commission -- Russian Cuirassiers

Glenn's Russian army will have eight regiments of cuirassiers.  I pounded these 24 figures out in just three days.  The sculpts were a treat to paint!

Cuirassier Regiment / Facings
1. Emperor / Light Blue
2. Empress / Lt Crimson
3. Military Order / Black
4. Little Russia / Dk Green / *Flag
5. Gluchov / Blue
6. Ekaterinoslav / Orange
7. Astrakhan / Yellow
8. Novgorod / Pink

The uhlans are primed and ready, and I will start in on them tonight.  Then I just have the hussars and guard cavalry left to do!


  1. Russian Cuirassier are some of my favorite figures of the era. The great helmets and black cuirasses really stand out on a table. These are especially nice miniatures and, as always, an amazing paint job!