Monday, November 7, 2016

Giant Commission -- Russian Uhlans

Here are the latest figures: 18 Russian uhlans in six regiments.

I had some trouble finding reliable sources for the uhlans.  I gather that the Russians did not think much of these troops, who lost more men to desertion than in action.  As best as I can piece together, these are the regimental distinctions.

Uhlan Regiment / Collar / Facings / Buttons / Czapka top and cords / Fanions
Polish / Raspberry / Raspberry / Silver / Dark blue and white / Dark blue over raspberry
Tartars / Dark blue / Raspberry / Silver / Raspberry and white / Raspberry over white
Lithuanian / Dark blue / Raspberry / Silver / White and White / White over dark blue
Tchuguchev / Dark blue / Red / Silver / Red and white / Red over dark blue
Siberian / Red  / Red / Silver / White and red / Yellow over white
Vladimir / Dark blue / Red / Gold / Dark blue and yellow / Yellow over dark blue

Just the hussars and guard cavalry left for this army!


  1. Well, if you couldn't find them, then I suppose no one will have the knowledge to ever question them.
    They look perfect.