Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Giant Commission -- Emperors

First up is a base I had forgotten to photograph with the rest of the Russian guard cavalry.  These are the Guard cossacks.

Glenn wanted some high command stands for Austerlitz and Leipzig.  These will be large vignettes with Alexander I of Russia, Francis II of Austria, and Frederick Wilhelm II of Prussia.

Russian Aides de Camp, Alexander I

Austrian Aides de Camp, Austrian officers

Russian officers, Austrian officers

Francis II, Prussian ADC, Frederick Wilhelm II

Ladies and Gentlemen, this concludes the painting of the Russian army.  I will spend the next week or two basing and packing all the troops.  I will post pictures of the whole army, and then the blog will likely be quiet for a while.

I started this beast in May.  Since then I have painted 682 foot figures, 246 mounted figures, and 25 guns, all to the highest standard.  This was the largest army I will paint for Glenn.


  1. Scott,
    This has been one heck of a project, and you have not disappointed! The scale and quality of the three armies to date (French, Austrian, and now Russian), are truly awe inspiring.
    When I get the Russian army, I'm planning on setting up Austerlitz as preparation for Little Wars in April.
    Perhaps you can come out for it?

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Glenn! It has been a fun project. All I know about April is that I have a model show in Seattle on the 22nd. I'll be bringing my whole family. I think Little Wars is the following weekend. Is that right?

    2. Correct. Little Wars is April 28 - 30 this year.

  2. That's a great job !
    But... Russian AdC in colpack ?!?

    1. Certainly!

      Check out the dashing ADC on horseback.

    2. Hi Scott,

      To my mind, this guy is a Cossack officer (blue uniform) and most certainly a big one after the red sash he's wearing (it can be the St Ann order sash). So he maybe Platow himself.
      Also I think Cossack colpacks have a different, thiner shape than the French chasseurs à cheval's. That's why I was surprised.
      But... I maybe wrong ! And anyway great painting job, as usual !