Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Retrospective

2016 was yet another busy year for me.  I felt like I really hit my painting stride this year, cranking out the figures while not sacrificing quality.  I finished 1,821 figures this year, or about five figures per day.  Not too shabby!

Virtually all my painting (more than 90%) was done for Glenn's massive commission.  I did finish up some figures for my gaming buddy Kevin as well, and I was able to paint a few figures for myself.

My 2016 totals were:

54mm Foot: 1
28mm Foot: 64
28mm Mounted: 42
15mm Foot: 1260
15mm Mounted: 416
15mm Guns: 38

For My Collections:
28mm WWII Germans, 28 infantry
28mm WWI Germans, 8 infantry
28mm Saxons: 4 infantry
54mm Romans, 1 infantry (painted alongside my daughter)
15mm Napoleonic Spanish, 34 cavalry
15mm Napoleonic Russians, 32 infantry

For Commissions:
15mm Napoleonic Austrians, 546 foot, 122 horse, 13 guns
15mm Napoleonic Russians, 682 foot, 258 horse, 25 guns
15mm Napoleonic Prussians, 2 horse
28mm Napoleonic British, 24 foot, 42 horse

My Analogue Hobbies scoring system total for the year was 5,086 points, a 13% improvement from last year.  I was also able to complete a few scale models, including my first ever aircraft and a large diorama.

All in all, 2016 was one of my most productive years.

All of that commission work has had one goal in mind: to fund a hobby room for myself.  I will be tearing down my old garage and replacing it with a new garage, 960 square foot gaming room, and another 480 square feet of basement storage.  The permits came through the week before Christmas.  All the bids are in, and my wife and I have chosen a contractor.  As soon as the temperatures rise, we will break ground!

So 2017 should see me finish my massive Napoleonics commission.  It should also see me moving in to a gigantic new gaming space!


  1. Wow! fantastic results and happy for you on the upcoming games room. Happy new Year!


  2. When will your comission be done? Any target date?

    1. I hope to have it done by July 1st, but it may take longer. We'll see.

  3. Wow you are a painting machine
    Well done

    I hope you don't overdue it
    Remember to keep good posture ;)

  4. Congrats Scott. That'll be an amazing space and all made possible by your brush!