Sunday, December 4, 2016

Napoleonic Spanish Cavalry

I am in the middle of basing up Glenn's enormous Russian army.  This means lots of little pauses while I wait for glue or paint to dry.  I took advantage of those breaks to paint up some figures for myself, the first figures I have painted for myself this year!

I have long wanted to expand my Peninsular War collection.  I have all the major pieces I need to game most battles: British of all arms, Portuguese infantry, Spanish infantry, and the assorted French allies.  I decided to tackle a couple of units of Spanish cavalry so I could tackle Talavera.  A quick order to Eureka, and I was ready to go!

My scenario calls for a regiment of mixed Spanish light cavalry.  I decided to paint all the figures as the Voluntarios de España Cazadores.  As with all Spanish cavalry uniforms, some of the colors here required conjecture.  Still, I think the unit looks plausible enough.

The other Talavera scenario calls for a large regiment of Rey Line Cavalry.  This was an easier unit to find uniform information for, and I think the details here are spot on.  I cribbed a bit from JJ's Wargames Blog.

It was nice to paint for myself, as I don't sweat a little overpainting here or there, and I generally skip a few steps.  These 34 figures took only about 8 hours to paint.  I cranked them out in three days while waiting for glue washes on Glenn's flocking to dry!

The bases are all Litko with 1" frontage and 1.25" depth.  I glued Wargames Accessories metal bases to the bottom so they will stick to my magnetic transport sheets and sabot trays.  The Rey Regiment's flag is from Warflag with some hand painted touchups on the crest and the fringed edges.

Painting up all of Glenn's Russians inspired me, so I also picked up a few regiments worth of 1805 Russians.  I have a grand plan to play three linked Austerlitz scenarios, and if I live long enough, I will do it!


  1. Awesome, that's incredibly impressive Scott!!! I've been inspired by your posts to cracking on with my units. Brilliant quality especially with the time spent!!!

  2. Very nicely done, Rey Line Cavalry is wonderful!

  3. OK, you are a magician. Finishing 36 cavalry figures in eight hours I would have thought impossible. Certainly, it would be for me.
    Great job as always!

    1. Thank you, sir! It wasn't eight hours in a row, of course. I figure about 30 minutes of prepping, 30 minutes of basing, and seven hours of brush time.

    2. Seven hours of brush time? Even more depressing...

  4. I am an entry level modeller and looking for Napoleonic Cavalry figures, "The Scots Grays" at Waterloo. Do you have any suggestions as to where I could look.