Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sash and Saber ACW Project

It's been two weeks since I primed my Union infantry, and I have finished painting the command figures.

All 60 Painted Figures

And here they are. I painted 5 buglers, 15 sergeants, 10 drummers, 10 officers, and 20 standard bearers. It took about 10 days to paint these 60 men.

61st New York Volunteer Infantry Command Stand

My Litko order arrived yesterday, and I decided to base my first command stand. I am using 30mm x 40mm bases for all my infantry.

The flags are from GMB. I picked them up when the Miniature Service Center discontinued the line and offered their remaining stock at half off. At the same time I picked up some Front Rank flag tops with tassels. I used Old Glory 70mm long spear shafts for the flag poles.

61st New York Volunteer Infantry Command Stand

The flags themselves got a sheet of aluminum foil between the two papers sides. The aluminum really helped me make the flag wavy.

Front Rank Flag Tops with Tassels

The flag top with tassels is all made of metal. I know that the tassels really alternated light blue and white cords, but I didn't want to paint that level of detail on these. A nice light blue drybrush worked very well. The tassels are thin enough to bend into any position you might want, but they are thick enough to hold that position. They provide for a nice touch, I think. Between the tassels and the GMB flags, I think the command stands will really look sharp.

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