Tuesday, April 22, 2008

28mm ACW Union Command Stands

It has been three weeks since I started this project, and it's coming along nicely. I have finished all ten command stands for my close order Union infantry regiments.

The figures are Sash and Saber pack US1 "Federal Infantry Command Advancing (Right Shoulder Shift). The flag staffs are Old Glory PSJ-02 "Long Thrusting Spears with Cast Tips," which I cut down from 70mm to 55mm length. The flag tops are Front Rank EQ52 "Flag Tops with Tassels." The flags are all GMB. The bases are Litko 3mmx30mmx40mm rectangles. The flocking is Woodland Scenics Fine Brown Ballast drybrushed with Delta Ceramcoat's "Light Chocolate" and spotted with static grass.

Close-up of Command Stands (click for larger image)

Here they are, flags and tassels fluttering in the breeze. When I ordered my army, I asked for extra Union standard bearers so I could field national and regimental colors for each regiment. The extras I received were all the same pose (the beardless one), so my color parties look a little more uniform than I would like.

All Ten Regiments, Front View (click for larger image)

I ordered the flags from The Miniature Service Center during their GMB close-out sale, so I had to take what they had available. The result is a lot of New York and Massachusetts regiments. Fortunately, the flags have some variety, with two white Massachusetts regimental colors and one Irish Brigade flag (69th New York). One of those flags is for the 7th Wisconsin, so I really should have a regiment in Hardee hats, but hopefully no one will leave my table in a huff over my historical inaccuracy.

All Ten Regiments, Side View (click for larger image)

I like this view. You can really see just how beautiful those GMB flags are. I was worried that the color might run when I lacquered the figures, but this picture is post-lacquering and dullcoating, and it seems that they've held up well.

All Ten Regiments, Rear-ish View (click for larger image)

Here's one last view of the ten command stands. Now that I have these done, I'm ready to paint up 150 riflemen to fill out these regiments.


  1. Scott, these look awesome. Can’t wait to track this project as I want to do something similar. BTW…what rules do you plan on using? Thanks and take care.


  2. I plan on using "Guns at Gettysburg." After playing through a game with my old 15mm figures, I'm a little worried that the 25s will be too big!

  3. How do the Sash & Saber (and for that matter, the new Old Glory 2nd edition) command figures fit in with the "normal" Old Glory ACW? I'm finally getting around to painting up my Old Glory stuff and like you, I want two standard bearers for each Union regiment. I especially need standard bearers in kepis.