Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some Napoleonic French Infantry

My Napoleonic French army has a mixture of Old Glory, Battle Honors, and Minifigs. I shot these pictures after a game last summer. The figures are based for Age of Eagles.

Old Glory FGC-01, FGC-02 and FGC-03 "French Infantry in Greatcoats"

I have almost all the varieties of Old Glory French infantry: full dress, campaign dress, greatcoats, marching, assaulting, advancing, defending. I painted fifty bases of these troops in greatcoats. After obsessing over turnback piping on my full dress French, the greatcoats were a welcome break. Like most Napoleonic wargamers, I love the pageantry of parade dress figures, but this is probably more what the soldiers actually looked like in battle.

Battle Honors BFR-03, "Light Infantry Advancing"

These were the first 15mm Napoleonics I ever painted. The Battle Honors figures are beautiful sculpts. Of the three eagle bearers I painted, this one is in the best shape. The flagpoles are so slender that they break very easily.

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