Tuesday, June 17, 2008

AB 15mm Napoleonic French Legere

Although I don't think I've become a lead snob, it does seem like all my recent painting has involved AB figures. They're beautiful, of course, but I really bought these because Old Glory doesn't have Legere in a march attack pose; they're either charging with bayonets down or skirmishing.

This was another large painting project, as I worked on 112 figures at once. It took me about a week to finish. I wanted to show all the white trim on the predominantly blue uniform, which made these Legere are extremely slow to paint.

Group Shot: All 112 figures (28 AoE Stands)
Click on any picture for a larger image.

Chasseurs and Command



Command Stand

As always, all my paints were Delta Ceramcoats except for the metals, which are Testors enamels. Paper flags are from Warflag.com.

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