Tuesday, June 17, 2008

AB 15mm Napoleonic Hungarian Grenadiers

In this post, I wrote about how much I disliked the Old Glory Austrian grenadiers. I bit the bullet and ordered enough German and Hungarian grenadiers for my Wagram OOB.

And here are the Hungarians. These AB figures are beautiful, and they were definitely worth buying for the elite of my Austrian army.

Hungarian Grenadiers, Group Shot
(Click on any picture for a larger image)

There were two brigades of Hungarian grenadiers at Wagram. In Age of Eagles, they get 16 stands.

Hungarian Grenadiers, Rear View

The bearskin top would have been red for all regiments by 1809, but it had been in each unit's facing color before that. I want to use these figures for the whole of the period, including the early battles, so I used their facing colors. Plus it just looks cooler.

Hungarian Grenadiers, 3/4 View

They really are pretty, aren't they? And unlike the Old Glory figures, I think these look the part of the army's elite shock troops.


  1. Your paintwork is amazing and the units look really impressive, I'm tempted to switch ruleset just to have bigger units. Coincidentally I'm working on wagram as well, mainly the French right flank/ Davout's III corps.

  2. ...very nice - what size brush did you use the get the detail on top of the bearskins!?

  3. I use a 000 brush for all my detail work: flesh, straps, facings, and bearskin tops.