Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crusader Early Imperial Roman Legionaries

These figures are from Crusader's "Rank and File" line. The men here are from two packs: RFA031 "Early Imperial Roman with Pilum," and RFA032 "Early Imperial Roman Command."

The legionaries are all in one pose, so I mixed up the colors as much as I could and still keep the cohort looking like a cohesive unit. Gladius scabbards and helmets got some different shades. For the flesh on these guys, I used a lighter base shade than I usually do.

With no shield transfers suitable for these figures, I hand painted their shield designs. Click on any images for bigger pictures.

Legionary Cohort, Front View

Signifer, Centurion, and Cornicen

Legionary Cohort, Left View

Legionary Cohort, BackView

Legionary Cohort, Right View


  1. Great looking Romans! Almost single handedly, you have me thinking about painting some myself.

    Your blog is great and so is your painting. Having tried craft paints myself, I'm stunned at the depth of color you are getting over black undercoats. Are you using multiple layers of each tone? Your whites look especially strong. Perhaps you could do a post expanding on your methods.

    Congrats on the good looking lad!

  2. Very nice! I commend you on your decision not to do shield transfers! The blazons you painted look great! Another nice touch is the odd bronze helmet mixed in here and there.