Wednesday, May 6, 2009

28mm Foundry Hoplites FS


I started my Greek army intending to use Foundry hoplites, but I liked the Crusader figures so well that I'm using them instead and offering these for sale.

These are a mix of Foundry packs. I've provided links to images of the figures.

28 armored hoplites attacking link
13 armored hoplites at the ready 
44 shields
16 armored hoplites attacking
I could not find these last on Foundry's site. They are a little smaller than the other 41 hoplites, and their shields are a little larger. I suspect that these are one of Foundry's earlier sculpts that they have since withdrawn.

I'll also throw in 16 Little Big Men shield transfers in eight different designs.

I'm asking $1 USD apiece for these figures plus $5 USD for Priority Mail shipping, so $62 USD for the lot of 57 figures. Leave your email address in the comments here, contact me through the email link, or email me directly at smacphee at verizon dot net.

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