Wednesday, May 20, 2009

28mm Thessalian Cavalry

These figures have been on the back burner for a while as I finished some commissions.  My Macedonian army will have two heavy cavalry units, one of companions and these Thessalians.

I'm going to paint my companions' cloaks purple and yellow, and I wanted to do something different for my Thessalians.  The blue and gold combo turned out pretty well.

The figures are all Foundry, a mix of their Thessalians and companions.  I got the figures off eBay for a pretty good price, about $3.50 each.  It's nice to find good buys, but it keeps me from being too choosy about poses.  I just can't justify paying $8 apiece for cavalry.  I wish Foundry had a more reasonable pricing scheme!

WAB actually depicts the Macedonian cavalry wedge as a distinct formation.  All my figures are on Litko wood bases, but I glue a Wargames Accessories metal sheet to the bottom of each Litko base.  I then cut myself a suitable movement tray out of basswood and affix some of Wargames Accessories' sticky back magnetic sheeting to the top.  The end product is sturdy enough for the wargames table, but it still looks sharp.

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