Wednesday, May 6, 2009

28mm Old Glory Punic Wars Romans FS


These are the odds and ends remainders from my WAB army. All of the figures are bare metal. These are nice sculpts, but I have all the Romans I need for the moment.

PPR-1 Hastati link
24 figures and 26 shields.

PPR-2 Principes link
21 whole figures, 1 figure with broken plume, two figures with broken pila, and 26 shields. The figures could be fixed with a little drilling and some brass wire.

PPR-3 Triarii link
12 figures and 14 shields.

PPR-4 Foot Command link
6 leaders, 8 standard bearers with 9 standards, 8 cornicens, and 14 shields.

PPR-7 Italian Infantry link
15 figures and 13 shields (you could always use some of the spare scuta).

I'm asking half retail ($.50USD per figure) plus $5 USD for Priority Mail shipping, so $62 USD for the lot of 114 figures. Leave your email address in the comments here, contact me through the email link, or email me directly at smacphee at verizon dot net.

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