Saturday, June 20, 2009

Austin's Napoleonic Russians

Austin has been busy on his 1805-7 Russian army. All the figures are AB on Litko bases. The figures are suitable use with "Age of Eagles," but Austin puts three infantry on a stand instead of four.


Austin has been using Citadel washes on his white uniforms, which really brings out the figures' relief.


Austin writes: "figures that went quickly were these Jäger in greatcoat. I love greatcoats! They fit my style, and the techniques I find that work on them, I then use on my other figures."

Jäger Command Stand

"Since Jäger didn't carry regimental standards, I make up the command stand with a mounted officer on it. He's actually a French officer in the catalog, but through the magic of Ceramcoat paint - Voila! - he's Russian. I need to work on my black horse technique, though. The horse doesn't pop like I had hoped."

I'd just add that the paint job on this officer's face is one of the best I've seen on a 15mm figure.

These are some of the most recent AB releases, and they're beautiful figures. Austin is our resident lead snob, so any miniatures of which he approves must be the best available!


  1. They look great, what were the actual washes used on the uniforms?

  2. Citadel Badab Black on the white uniforms and Citadel Ogyrn Flesh on the faces and hands.