Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Marian Legionaries

Jasper Oorthuys suggested that I mix in some tinned helmets among my late republican legionaries.  As luck would have it, I wasn't quite done with my Marian legionaries, so I decided to take him up on his suggestion for my last batch of eight rankers.

Here are the eight new figures, with a legionary in bronze helmet for comparison.  Shields are Crusader from their Punic Wars line with Little Big Men Studios transfers.

I didn't have specific shields for the signifers, so I stole this from a Crusader EIR pack.  I vut out just the emblem from the LBM transfer, painted the rest of the shield cinnamon, then applied a main shade of opaque red.  I highlighted with a mix of red, orange, and white.  Once the figure is blown up like this, I can see that I overpainted park of the emblem, but it's really not noticable on the table.

Now my WAB Roman army has nine cohorts, six of Old Glory figures and these three of Foundry.

I'm open to suggestions for the last cohort.  Should I give Companion a try?  1st Corps?  I'd like to try one more manufacturer before I declare this project finished.  They must be standing figures with chain mail and pila.  Who else makes suitable figures?


  1. Scott,

    You're such a good painter. I'm jealous. ;-)


  2. Yes, very nice painting! It makes me want to get back to my 1/72 WAB armies (I still haven't actually played a game!)

    Here's an odd request: I've been wanting to paint one of Copplestone's Caesarian sculpts for a while. But, I don't want to buy an entire pack for $23 + shipping. Might you have a spare centurion or tribune that I could buy from you? I figure you might have one left-over after putting together your army. I might also have interesting things to trade. Thanks!

  3. Andrew, I used every last figure. Sorry!

  4. Drats! Foiled again. One wold think that eBay would have the odd loose figure, but it's always full sets. Someday...

  5. Aha! I'm flattered to see you took my suggestion. :-) Next I'll tell you that some were silvered too.;-)

  6. please try 1st corps they are nice sculpted and not expensive