Monday, June 1, 2009

French Line Battalion

I posted an earlier review of the Crusader Napoleonic French command pack, stating that I planned to build a 1:20 line battalion for the General de Brigade rules.  Here's the result.

French Line Battalion

General de Brigade calls for each company to get its own stand, which is very nice for armies whose infantry had company distinctions, as the French do.  The gamer doesn't have to make an abstraction of French infantry organization, but can depict the regiment just as it would have appeared.

The Crusader figures are in a campaign dress version of the 1806 uniform, with trousers and no shako cords.  The elite figures do wear their plumes.  I think this is a good compromise and probably reflects the actual appearance of French infantry on the battlefield.  I'm sure the infantry covered their shakos on the march, but I'm also pretty sure that they would remove the covers before any set piece battle.  I varied the trouser colors, using two shades of tan, a grey, and an off-white.

Elite Companies

In my earlier review I wrote about how much I liked the ranker pose in the command pack.  The elites are just as good.  The figures have great raised detail and very natural poses.

Fusilier Companies

I wanted a darker blue for the coats, much darker than I usually use.  I applied a single highlight to the dark blue to bring out the relief.  I paid considerable attention to all the little details on the uniforms, taking care to pick out the piping on cuffs, cuff flaps, back flaps, turnbacks, and shoulder straps.

Command Stand

This will be the regiment's first battalion.  The other two battalions will get fanions.

I thought the Crusader figures were a great buy.  I was able to build this battalion for only $59.40, which works out to an average of $1.65 per figure.  That's a pretty good value for figures of this high quality.


  1. Lovely work. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Really beautiful! I'm currently working on a batch of Perry Plastics and your pics are really inspiring!

  3. These are truly outstanding! Well done.