Friday, July 31, 2009

28mm ACW Rebel Skirmishers

After a long break from 28mm ACW, I finished some Confederate Skirmishers this week. All figures are Sash and Saber. In retrospect, I probably went a little overboard with color variations.


  1. Very nice. No two dressed the same. I can almost hear the Rebel Yell!

  2. Hey!

    Great to finally see some ACW back on here, Scott! Been waiting and waiting and waiting, after that huge group of ACW federals... I think they look quite nice, honestly. I'd be a little careful with the use of light blue pants with confederates... I have done the same but been told by a few folks who know a LOT more than I do that it was very, very rare, although in wargames it seems more common:) Regardless, they look EXCELLENT; every time you post I get more and more jealous!:)

  3. Yeah, I've read that about the blue pants too, Author, but I don't know if I buy it. Sky blue was, after all, the regulation CSA pant color, and many rebs wrote that they were wearing captured Union clothes. Since I doubt they put on a blue forage cap or jacket, that really just leaves the pants.

    I've got 200 marching rebel infantry ready to go as soon as I finish the next commission. I should be able to crank them out pretty quickly.

  4. Excellent looking are still the man !!!

  5. These figures are utterly awesome. ...and you did NOT go crazy with the color looks amazing exactly as you have it.

    Also, with regard to the blue pants: I believe that Scott is correct. The Confederate troops were desperate for clothing, and often wore captured Federal clothing. Pants were the most common for the reason that Scott mentions, but even jackets were sometimes worn (Hill's men were wearing Federal Uniforms captured at Harpers Ferry when they went into the attack at Antietam). They were mistaken by the Union troops for friends until it was too late.

    I would alos site the extremely accurate and intensely researched paintings of Don Troiani. I own his book of Civil War paintings, and there are several depictions of Confederate troops wearing Union blue pants. Keith Rocco's paintings as well.