Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July Painting Totals

This was a better month. I finished one commission, got well into another, and was able to paint some figures for myself as well.

15mm ACW Union, 12 cavalrymen
28mm Carthaginians, 1 mounted standard bearer
28mm Marian Romans, 20 infantrymen
28mm Medieval English, 6 knights
28mm Gauls, 14 cavalrymen
15mm Macedonians, 32 infantrymen
28mm ACW Confederates, 15 skirmishers

In 15mm I finished 32 foot and 12 horse. In 28mm I painted 35 foot and 21 horse. My total SPPs for the month were 409, a vast improvement over last month's 188. My SPPs for the year are 2242. I've painted the following figures so far this year:

28mm Foot: 189
28mm Mounted: 53
15mm Foot: 520
15mm Mounted: 80
15mm Elephants: 6
15mm Guns: 2

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