Sunday, August 30, 2009

Old Glory Second Edition AWI Americans

I picked these figures up a few months ago, thinking that I might give the American Revolution a try in 28mm. I love the period, which has everything a wargamer could possibly want, and I love the scale, but the only figure range that really called to me was Perry. Before I gave the Perrys $400 for a medium sized American army, I thought I would give the Old Glory second edition figures a try.

These are from AWI-59 "Line Hunting Shirts - Cocked Hats." I primed the figures yesterday morning, put a base coat on them last night, and did the detail work this morning.

My first reaction on seeing the bare lead, and the reason that the figures sat unpainted for so long, was that the faces were strangely long. I thought they might look better with paint, but there they are, with their long, thin noses and narrow skulls even more prominent now that they're painted.

Apart from the faces, these figures are excellent. The fringed hunting shirt takes a drybrush very well, and the waistcoat and breeches have just enough raised detail to make painting them a breeze. The body proportions are very good, and the poses should work very well once the figures are ranked up.

So could I paint an army of them? I don't know. I'll see how they look once based in their units, but for now I'm leaning toward the Perry figures.


  1. Nope nope and nope; it would be a shame to put your beautiful paint jobs on inferior figures. Go with the Perrys, they are a joy!

  2. Very interesting to see these painted up - but yes, the faces do look a bit odd. Personally, I think the faces on the Perry equivalent figures are some of the best faces in the Perry AWI range.

    Best wishes