Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ACW Commission: Finished Union Bases, Part II

I finished up the rest of the Union army this afternoon. Here are the 22 units of infantry, 176 figures.

The finished Union army is now ready to be packed and shipped.

Tonight I'll start in on the Confederates.


  1. Excellent job ... are these 15mm ?

  2. The 25mm Sash and Saber miniatures are simply the best sculpts on the market in my book! Fantastic painting Scott!

  3. Phil's close. Although a lot of the figures are Sash and Saber, there are also some Old Glory Second Edition, Crusader, Perry, and Foundry figures in there. It's a real mix.

  4. Hey scott thanks for the help on the awi. One more question, with litko bases I'm basing for wab (or any game) do I buy there 3mm plywood?