Thursday, August 19, 2010

ACW Commission: Finished Confederate Bases, Part I

Last night I got a good start on finishing the Confederate bases. Here are the completed units.

Artillery: 8 guns and 24 crew

Generals: 8 mounted figures

Dismounted Cavalry: 10 men and 2 horses

Mounted Cavalry: 16 mounted figures

Tonight I'll get started on the Confederate infantry. I hope to be all done by tomorrow night.


  1. Not sure what I can say about this commission that hasn't already been said- they are beautiful though!

    This may have been covered before, but I was wondering what system these are based for?

  2. Glenn wrote his own ACW version of the Commands and Colors rules. He has a terrain mat with 5" hexes.

  3. If you've never played Command and Colors: Ancients, I highly recommend it.

    The system is simple and elegant. It allows the players to play an entire battle in a couple of hours, and is completely flexible so that the units represented in a battle can be any size.

    The best part is the card mechanic, which requires the players to manage not only the orders that they want to issue their troops, but also the sequence of them. Good planning ensures that you can issue a sequence of mutually supporting orders several turns in a row. This may require that you temporaily relinquensh the initiative to your opponent to 'organize your attack', burning off lesser cards to create a very strong sequence that will allow you to pitch into the enemy army and sustain your attack.

    The challenge is that while you are doing this, your opponent is executing his plans as well. The tension is often released in a spasm of action for several turns until one side or the other's attack runs out of steam. This ebb and flow really feels historically accurate, and realistically approximates command and control challenges....All this encorporated into the cardplay rather than by creating a more complex ruleset that bogs down play.