Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bunker Hill British: 5th and 52nd Foot

One of my goals for this year is to finish an American Revolution British army for the battle of Bunker Hill. This is the first unit for that army: the 5th and 52nd Foot.

Figures are Old Glory second edition. The flags are from GMB. I planned out this army a year or so ago and ordered all my flags, but while painting I forgot that GMB does not have a flag for the 5th foot. I pinched the flag for the 63rd Foot instead, and when I paint that unit, I'll paint their command stand in the colors of the 52nd Foot.

The GMB flags are my favorites by far of all the ranges available. They're little works of art, and the paper Grahame uses is thick enough to take folds very well.

My friend Jon liked the look of these Old Glory figures and wondered how they would match up with his Perry Hessians. Here are the Old Glory British hatmen with some Perry British light infantry.

The Perry figures are slightly larger and, surprisingly, slightly beefier too. I would have no problem mixing these figures on the table.


  1. Beautiful, and one of my favorite periods - 28mm AWI. I regularly mix Old Glory, Perry and Foundry figures, even in the same units. They're all quite close enough to each other as to not be a bother.

    Lovely stuff here. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. They look fantastic, well done! I'd have no problem either, mixing Old Glory and Perry, you do notice a slight difference, but not enough not to use them together.

  3. Great work, as usual.
    Are you planning a re-fight of the battle?
    I thought it would make a nice little DBA battle with about 12 stands per side.

  4. man, first I end up doing an Armati 2 Carthaginian army because of you, now you're making me want to restart an old flame of mine, the AWI stuff.

    What ruleset are you looking at for the AWI period? Just good ol casual Black Powder, or something more in depth?

  5. Thanks, all. These OG figures are growing on me.

    Adam, we're using British Grenadier as our rules.

  6. The figures look beautiful AWI is such a colourful period awesome work.
    Cheers Kent

  7. Fantastic, I have been looking for British in the early uniform. Love Perry figures but wanted some British in parade uniforms. You have now inspired me to paint up the British for Breeds/Bunker Hill as well. They will also mix in well with my Perry's by the look of it.

    Great paint job.

  8. Can you remind what the measurements are (width and depth) of your 4 figure per base AWI stands?