Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bunker Hill British: Grenadiers

I finished these up last week, but I've been spinning my wheels on other projects instead of flocking these bases. Here is the converged grenadier battalion for Bunker Hill.

The figures are all Old Glory second edition. I like the grenadiers much better than the line infantry. They're a little less animated, which I like for marching poses.

Now I'm finishing up the 2nd Marines for Bunker Hill. I had intended to use January to finish my republican Romans, but it seems the lobsters have captured me for the moment.


  1. Well, it seems OG is going to get some more money from me. The Line Infantry piqued my interest in 28mm AWI, but the Grenadiers definitely sold me. If OG ever gets real pictures of their models on the website, sales will skyrocket. So much of the 28mm stuff I've avoided because I have no idea of the quality of the sculpts until I see them painted on a blog like this.

  2. They look just great and the red is really working!


  3. Great looking figures. Looking forward to seeing more British units.


  4. Adam, I think their photo of the British grenadiers is actually pretty good:

    But yes, your point is well taken. They would benefit from better pictures of most of their figures.

  5. I've been tempted by these Grenadiers for quite some time, but didn't buy them because I hadn't seen any painted.

    Only yesterday I filled my need with Perry's, but now I may have to pick up some of these as well.

  6. What a terrific looking unit! I especially enjoy your AWI figures, and I'm glad to see that you're painting in this period again.

  7. Super-nice! Love your entire collection of AWI figures Scott. Very colorful, and very historically accurate.

    Is it just me, or does it look like the guy in the back row (second to the far left when viewed from behind) is patting his buddy on the behind? ;-)

  8. Glenn, I think he's the sergeant from Al Pacino's "Revolution"!

  9. Just a few questions -
    1: What scale are these?
    2: Are the drummer and fife also OG
    3: What rule set are these for?

    Very nicely painted!

  10. Alyx, they are all 28mm Old Glory. I'm using British Grenadier as my rules.