Monday, January 31, 2011

FOG Republican Roman Army: Cavalry

I also put the last coat of Dullcote on these figures this morning. The Roman starter army has two cavalry units, and this is the second I have finished (you can see the first here). All figures are Crusader. The spears are from North Star. Shield transfers are from Little Big Men. Bases are Litko.

Roman cavalry don't seem to last long on the battlefield, but they do look pretty while they're there!

I'm still searching for the perfect combination of paints for the Roman mustard brown military cloaks. The colors here are the same combination I use for Confederate butternut: Territorial Beige over Espresso.

The army is almost finished now! That little gap right up front will be filled with eight bases of Velites. Just 16 more figures and I'm done!


  1. Very nice Scotty, love the way your army is progressing. I just finished my Roman cav last week, took me a while to get motivated ------- its a summer thing.

  2. Lovely stuff. You've sold me on the idea of Crusader figs. I've used 1st Corps for my Romans, and I've been wondering what to use for troop types they don't produce when I get around to other projects.

    You've also done me another great service - I've used exactly the same LBMS transfers for the Republican cavalry unit I'm doing right now. It's good to see that they look good once they're finished!


  3. That's an impressive army already!