Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FOG Republican Roman Army: General

This week I'm leaving the redcoats and returning to my Second Punic War Romans. This command stand consists of Crusader pack ANR015 "Roman General," a lone figure from Crusader ANR004 "Legionary Command," and a lone figure from Old Glory PPR-04 "Foot Command."

This base is one of two sub-commanders for the army. The other general stand will consist entirely of mounted figures.


  1. These look great Scott. What rules are you intending to use?

  2. Good as always Scott. Poses work well togther as well.

  3. Wow! I love the composition of this stand. Makes you feel like you were actually looking at Roman commanders directing a battle.


  4. Scott, have you considered using the Command & Colors: Ancients rules with your Punic War armies?

    I absolutely fell in love with these rules! It is sold as a boardgame, but it is really perfect as a tabletop wargame. The rules are driven by a card mechanic where the players take turns playing a card from their hands and activating certain units. The best part of this is that it immediately (and automatically) brings an impulse/ initiative-based ebb and flow into play. The players are constantly challenged to decide how to best optimize their play. The rub tends to be whether to respond to the opponent's actions or maintain the initiative of your own attack.

    Very tense, nail-biting battles result that reward good planning as well as intelligent improvisation.

    The best part is that the rules are simple to learn, with the depth baked into the system rather than driven by alot of rules.

  5. Guidowg, these are for Field of Glory. We've played the rules a few times with my WAB armies and enjoyed them enough to play again.

  6. Glenn, I have the C&CA boardgame, and we've played a few games. I like it a lot. My buddy Jon wants to try fielding 6mm armies for it.

  7. Hey Scott,

    No need for entirely new 6mm armies. You can play on your wargame table with your beautiful 28mm Punic Wars armies. All you need is a 5" hex mat from Hotz artworks

    Or, you could make your own by placing dots where the center of the hexes would be. Simply draw a dot with a green marker 3 inches from the bottom left-hand corner of a flocked mat and then every 5" going right. The next row is 5" diagonally from the first dot (halfway between the first two dots). The dots are almost invisible, but visible enough.

  8. I just checked you base sizes and it looks like it may be 3" x 1", so if you decide to buy a hex mat from Hotz, the 4 strength-point infantry units would be 4 deep and would fit.

    If you want to deploy the stands 2 x 2, you would need to make your own using the dot method, but make the dots 6" apart (or slightly more).

  9. Dear Mister MacPhee,
    Your painting speed is unbelievable! Great looking miniatures. I am a monthly visitor of your blog. Inspired by your FOG 25mm armies i started a DBA Seleucid 25mm army last year for a tournament and hope to field them as a FOG 25mm army one day. Feel free to visit:

    Regards from your German Fan
    der Figurenschieber

  10. Glenn, these bases are 60mm by 30mm. I really don't have enough figures painted for even a small C&CA scenario. I think I would be better off just painting 6mm figures! They're quick to paint, and I could probably field all the figures needed in a few weeks.