Wednesday, February 23, 2011

28mm ACW Union Gunners

I started on these figures a couple of weeks ago, and my work got interrupted by my surgery last week. I was hopped up on pain killers most of the time I painted my highlights, but I still think these turned out pretty good.

Sash and Saber has ten poses in their artillery gunners pack, and all the poses are very natural. I painted five packs at once, for a total of 50 figures. With the two gunners I painted long ago, this will give me enough for 13 gun stands, which is as many as I could ever need for a Guns at Gettysburg scenario.

Next up the in painting queue are some 18mm Blue Moon ACW.


  1. Really very nice and sounds like your healing is progressing some.


  2. Very nice!! So your doing both 28mm and 15mm ACW? Wow, thats a lot of blue!! Great work.

  3. Good work!

    What did you use for the blue highlights on the jacket? I'm painting lots of 1870s cavalry and am having the same kinds of trouble finding the right color to highlight that isn't too bright.

  4. Great stuff Scott. I love the Sash & Saber range, I have just finished basing three of my infantry units and a battery of guns.


  5. Rob, the Basecoat for the jackets is Manganese Blue, and the highlight it Blueberry, but Delta Ceramcoats.

  6. Thanks!

    Right now, I used Delta's Dark Prussian Blue, drybrushed with Vallejo's Imperial Blue and/or Ral Partha's True Blue. It makes a pleasing faded uniform, but won't suit for new recruits.

  7. Scott,

    Are the blues Delta Ceramcoat?

    And what base color and highlight do you use for the skin?

  8. Yes, everything here's Delta. I would have to look up the names on the pants, but the base coat is Adriatic Blue. I think the main shade is Cape Cod mixed about 2:1 with Sky Blue, and the final highlight is Sky Blue 2:1 with Cape Cod.

    For skin, I start with Delta's Dark flesh, paint most of the skin with Medium Flesh, then pick out the raised areas with Fleshtone.