Friday, February 18, 2011

Painting Slowdown

I slipped in the snow Tuesday morning and broke my left fibula. I had to have surgery Tuesday afternoon to put a plate on the bone to immobilize the ankle. I've been floating in and out of consciousness since then.

Painting figures has been just about the furthest thing from my mind. It may be slow around here for a while.

The good news is this. Once I start to heal, I won't be able to do much but paint! So I guess every grey cloud has its silver lining.

But yeah. Breaking a leg sucks. Ouch.


  1. I know what breaking a fibula is like...really small bone, really big pain and very little mobility. The thing is, that once it healed, the pain comes back now and then when the weather changes.

    All the best and I look forward to your painting and posts.

    Francis from Australia ( and I am sure a legion of fans )

  2. Hope it heals well Scott and you're back painting asap.

  3. Scott, as a silent follower of your excellent blog - sry to hear about your 'nasty break' - get well soon...

  4. Get well soon, Scott. Your work is a great inspiration

  5. Sorry to here that Scott, hope it heals soon.

    Now maybe some of us can catch up!

  6. Oh hell. Sorry to hear it, Scott... hey, as you said, at least when you are healing all you will be doing is painting!:)

    Feel better!

  7. Dang Scott, I'm sorry to hear this,I hope your feeling better soon. Take care and I'll pray for your speedy, healthy recovery.

  8. Yeee-ouch!
    That REALLY sucks. I hope you get better soon brother.
    What a crappy thing to have happen to you.
    As we get older our bodies don't heal as fast. Stay tough through the process.

  9. Scott,

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.


  10. Sorry to hear about your fall. Lifes hard enough without these mishaps. Good luck and recover well.

  11. Sorry to hear that and hope you recover I your nicely painted stuff once again!

    Best Regards

  12. Sorry to hear of your fall Scott...not good my friend.

    Take care and stay low


  13. Been there, done that, and hope never to do it again.

    Take care, take it easy and make sure you get sufficient rehab.

  14. Sorry to hear that, get well soon!