Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FOG Republican Roman Army: Velites

When I shopped around for velites, I liked the look of 1st Corps' offering the best. The figures looked simple, which was just what I wanted. I did not want whole units of wolfskin armed light troops, as I doubt the velites all wore matching fur.

It turns out that the 1st Corps figures are a little too energetic for my taste. They are not bad figures, but they don't make for convincing looking units.

If I had it to do over again, I would probably go with Crusader's velites. I may still buy a couple of packs of Crusader figures to replace these. I've enjoyed some of 1st Corps' figures in the past (their German cavalry are very nice), but these velites leave me strangely unsatisfied.

I'm sorry to end my Roman army on such a sour note. These two units do in fact finish my Field of Glory Romans. I finished the first unit way back in October 2008, so this has been a lon project, at least by the calendar. I'll have photos of the whole army just as soon as the weather gets nice enough to take some.


  1. Great looking army there, these will turn heads when on the table
    Peace James

  2. Those sculpts do seem to be modeled on a Popeye & Bluto theme.

    Oh well, it's not like you have to replace a phalanx of them.

  3. Those look lovely, great news that there are Velites out there that don't have Muppet hats. I agree the wolfskin was likely a mark of rank or skill in hunting. Too bad they aren't in 15mm.......

  4. It helps that you painted up the unit very nicely.Another thing when looking at the Crusader Velites is they have a mix of some wearing wolf skins and some not giving you a more balanced appearance.However,like I said your Velites now are very well painted and look quite nice.


  5. I agree with you Scott, the Crusader Velites are better. Perhaps instead of replacing these you could just add some Crusaders to the mix to leven the units a bit. That way you have only a few wolf pelts.