Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bunker Hill British: Converged Light Infantry

Now that the Romans are done, it's back to Bunker Hill! Here is my converged battalion of light infantry. I matched facings colors to the line regiments I'm painting for my force, and I tried to match the caps' front plate designs to those actually used by the regiments concerned.

All the figures are Perry. I used AW60 "British Command Standing, Saratoga Uniforms" and AW61 "British Infantry Standing, Shouldered Arms, Saratoga Uniforms."

I'm waiting for an Old Glory order to arrive before I can finish the rest of the British, so I'll be moving on to some 28mm ACW figures this week.


  1. Great work on the caps!

    My only criticism, and take this for what it's worth- But I would like to see a little bit of a darker line between the white facings of the jackets, and the white vests. And then also between the white vests, and the white pants. They seem to me to blend together a bit.

    Anyways, they are great looking figures regardless!

  2. VERY nice indeed. I really love your painting style. So crisp and clean with perfect highlights on the block painting that make the figures POP!

  3. They do it for me... I wouldn't change anything! :o)

  4. Outstanding! The two color shading on the white shirts and waistcoats really works well. I wish I could get this nice of an effect on mine. Well done.

  5. Beautiful painting. Love the style. I think you will find lights wore red waistcoats and black belting. See for photos of HM 10th Foot (recreated), one of the units that garrisoned Boston.

    David Parker

  6. Looks like the 23rd did not change to black belting until '77. DP

  7. Beautifully painted. I will be ordering some Perry's next month for my LI at Bunker hill. You definitely inspire me to paint.