Sunday, November 20, 2011

Balearic Slingers

Here's the latest work I have finished on Glenn's massive commission. These are four units of Balearic slingers. Most of the figures are Renegade, but there are a few Crusader figures in one of the units.

For these elite troops, I gave every man's tunic the complete crimson edge treatment. I stuck with lighter tones for the tunics.

With this group, I am finished with the large Spanish contingent of Carthage's army. This coming week I will probably start basing them to clear some work space for the Celts, which I will start after Thanksgiving.


  1. VERY nice.
    I wouldn't want to be across from these guys on an ancient battlefield.

  2. Fantastic job on those slingers Scott.

  3. These look like proper skirmishers. The crimson edging with it's nice shading is a great touch. The extra effort on these shows.

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