Monday, November 7, 2011

Spanish Cavalry

Another week has passed, and another chunk of the commission is complete. This week I finished the Spanish cavalry, 16 horse in four units.

All figures are Renegade. The riders have a wide variety of poses, but all the horses are the same casting, so I varied the horse colors so that no two horses in any unit are the same.

Last week I wrote that the Caetari most likely came from the lower orders and so got a variety of earth colored tunics. The Spanish cavalry were most likely nobles, and so they get off white tunics. These men were, if not quite professional warriors, at least semi-pros. The individual shields still show their tribal roots, but the more uniform tunics and horse tackle indicate a first rate fighting unit. These guys did routinely smash the Roman equites, after all.

And here is where I am after about a month of serious painting. I have now finished about 1/6 of the total commission, which means I should be done sometime in March or April! I wish I could find a way to speed this up, but now that I have two kids I really have less than half the time for painting.

Next week I'll be finishing up the Spanish contingent by painting five units of Balearic slingers and two units of archers.


  1. Simply beautiful!

    These simple sculpts really sing with your outstanding paintwork.

  2. Very nice looking figures, great paintjob. Are they 15 or 28mm?

  3. Fantastic work effort, the army is really moving along.

  4. Nice unit - not my period, though I did collect the old Airfix Romans as a lad.



  5. Lovely unit particularly the individualized shields.

    The previous poster asking what scale these are. I would take that as a compliment on how fantastically your 15mm figures are painted.

  6. Love the painting, they look great, love the shields!!

  7. Beautiful painting as usual Scott!


  8. As with anything I have seen of yours, very nice. Thank you for all the help and advice you've given me lately.