Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sculpting Saddle Blankets

While basing Glenn's Spanish, I'm also prepping the Gallic cavalry for painting. I ran into a snag with a couple units. Neither the horses nor the riders were sculpted with saddles. I broke out an old batch of Milliput and tried my hand at some basic sculpting.

The blankets are fairly square, but a little chunky. I doubt I have the talent to sculpt saddles as well, so this will have to do.

I have a new respect for the talent that sculptors have.


  1. The blankets look good to me. But, I agree - when you see what good sculptors can do, you really have to take your hat off to them.

  2. Nice results Mac, they looks great to me, definitely worth the effort.

  3. They look great, and definitely fill the void that was obviously missing something important. With the blankets there (and they're quite acceptable by the way) your eye doesn't notice anything missing. I mean really,most of the saddle is hidden under the figure anyways.

    As they are I'd say they're loads better than where you were without them. I'd paint them up and call them done.

  4. look pretty good to me. Well done.

  5. Look great.
    The challenge loomed up when I tried to addbsome Gallic horsemen from other manufacturers to the very large Renegade line for diversity. All of them had very small horses compared to the giant warhorses provided by Renegade. It looked very wrong.
    My solution was to pull a few old Frontline horses that I had laying around (started painting them 12 years ago for a unit of Napoleonic Russian Dragoons and never finished.

    The size was better, but the lack of a saddle was a small sacrifice. I didn't assume that you would fix it, but love that you did.
    Thank you! The blankets look great!