Saturday, November 12, 2011

Carthaginian Archers

Glenn's Carthaginian army gets two units of archers, each of seven figures. The men in drab tunics are Spanish or Numidian archers. The Cretan archers get their distinctive red tunics and shields. All figures are from Relic Miniatures.

The Cretan shields got a mix of three designs: the labyrinth (which I took from an ancient coin; it looks like a swastika), a chamois, and a snake.


  1. Really nice Scott. Great painting.

  2. Nice painting, and the Relic guys look good too. Best, Dean

  3. These are great. The tunics are spot on. The simplicity of these units will work well as an offset to the more elaborate units when the armies are deployed in the field.
    Nice work Scott!

  4. I like the Relic figures. Well sculpted and good poses. I purchased several Relic figures for this project:
    Numidian horsemen
    Carthaginian Heavy Spearmen
    and Gallic Infantry
    Archers and Slingers

  5. they look great and will really add flavor to the army great job, and don't worry as the Kids grow up you will get the time back where you can spend time painting again.

  6. Hi Glenn,

    I am interested in getting some Relic minis.

    Can you tell me how they are 'size wise'? They are said to be true 28mm.

    I am looking to blend them with Wargame Factory infantry wich are a touch larger but my Foundry troops mix OK with them. Are these the size of Foundry figures?

    Any ifo greatly appreciated..