Saturday, September 15, 2012

15mm Macedonian Army

Here is the whole army, arrayed for battle.  The skirmishers are out front (from left to right light horse, slingers, and javelinmen) with the line troops behind (companions, hypaspists, two units of phalangites, hoplites, and Thessalians).

Field of Glory Alexandrian Macedonian Army 

The Right: Companion Cavalry with Alexander at the Front,  Hypaspists on the Foot's Flank, Light Cavalry Screening

The Meat Grinder: Phalangites and Hoplites Screened by Light Foot 

The Left:  Hoplites and Thessalian Cavalry Screened by Javelinmen

I spent most of the past year painting one huge commission.  It was some of my best work, and I am proud of the end result, but it felt like work, not a hobby.  It was very nice to paint for myself again, and I enjoyed finishing my own project within a month of starting.

I bought the figures in one large box as a Field of Glory starter army, although I probably will not use the Field of Glory rules.  I have painted 15mm ancients from three manufacturers -- Old Glory, Essex, and Xyston -- and I find Old Glory the best relative to price.  Xyston are certainly the best 15mm ancients available, but they are pricey!  Foot figures cost $.65 each, and Xyston charges $45 shipping on top of the figure costs.  I bought this entire army from Old Glory for $60 with free shipping.  For that price I got 152 foot and 38 mounted figures.

Below I have posted some links to my previous efforts with Xyston figures.  I like them, and if anyone knows where I can get them for a good price, I would be happy to add to this army.  For now I am declaring this project done.

As soon as I am in funds again, I will buy the Old Glory Persian army to face off against Alex and his boys.


  1. Thank, Glenn. They were fun to do, and I have a lot of recent experience painting ancients!

  2. Your work painting ancients is always inspiring. Great stuff!

  3. Love your newest army, Scott! I wish I was close enough to see these in person.

    I buy all my Xyston on-line from Brookhurst Hobbies in California. They usually have an order out the door in 24 hours so I highly recommend them. Good luck Scott!

  4. Monty, does Brookhurst have enough stock to fill the order? I used to order from them, but I had a few orders in a row where they shipped about half of what I ordered, wrote that the rest was backordered, and never completed the order.

    If they have fixed that, I would be glad to order my Xyston from them.

  5. They do look grand all together - I'm another fan of OG's value for money.

  6. Since January, I bought a full MRR- all in stock, a full Pontic army-2 items short, a Gallic army-all in stock and a Spanish army - 2 items short. With each order, he's emailed me and offered me the option of what to do. I usually go to eBay and grab the missing bits if I don't to wait for the restock. If I was getting only half my order, I'd bail on them too.

  7. they really look very nice all displayed together and all in such a short time great work as always. i love poping over to see what you've been up to very inspiring as always