Sunday, May 4, 2008

15mm AB Napoleonic British Line Infantry

I painted these AB Brits in stovepipe shako just to sell on eBay. The figures are based for Age of Eagles / Napoleon's Battles, with elite company men on the flanks. The flags are from Napflags. I cut out the original flagpoles, drilled a hole through the colorbearers' hands, and glued in some brass rod to make the flags more durable.

Click on any images for larger pictures.


  1. hi scott i jest whanted to say you have given me great insperation and i hope you can post more pics of your wwii minatures they are realy well painted and i was also wondering if you have ever painted 40k? ty and bye :)

  2. Many of those World War II miniatures were painted by a buddy of mine. The stuff I painted, while good enough for gaming, is not really showcase quality.

    I've never painted 40K. In fact, I've never played a non-historical wargame. History, rather than gaming, is what draws me to this hobby. Still, I can see the appeal of some of the fantasy and sci-fi stuff, and I may give it a try in the future.

  3. well as shown on my blog i like the space marines so if you do get into 40k i sugest them or the tau they look cool to i don't realy wargame with them much i like painting them more than the wargaming and were i live not a lot of people wargame in there spare time (after school)

  4. Hey Scott-

    Im just getting into Naps gaming, as I am more predominately an acw guy. These are definately figures that I would buy. Its too bad that I cant, because they are amazing- good detail, strong colors- the best Ive seen in a while, if not ever