Saturday, September 13, 2008

Historical Gaming Club Games

Today the Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy Historical Gaming Club met to fight two battles using Warhammer Ancient Battles. Our first fight pitted 850 point Indian and Carthaginian armies against each other. Our second fight saw a 2000 point Carthaginian army and 1000 point Parthian army take on a 2000 point republican Roman army with 1000 points of early imperial Roman allies.

Of course the battles were not based on any historical fights, but gave the kids a chance to field some of their painted armies. Click on any pictures to view larger images.

We have about 20 students in the club, but not that many show up for any one event. Today nine students attended (one didn't make it into this picture).

We spilt up the commands so that every student got to push around some soldiers.

The Carthaginians began the first battle by pushing forward a strong skirmish line of javelinmen.

This was the first time that Caleb fielded his newly painted ancient Indian army.

Their main Carthaginian battle line followed the skirmishers.

The Carthaginians maneuvered a cavalry unit away from the Indian elephant and toward the Indian left flank.

The Indians awaited the Carthaginian advance, planning to break up the attack with arrow fire.

Once the Carthaginians were in range, the Indians destroyed their skrimishers with a hail of arrows.

Then the Indians took the main Carthaginian line under fire.

But the Carthaginians shrugged off their losses and closed to melee the Indians.

Once the cavalry got around the Indian flank, the battle was decided.

The second game was much larger: 3000 points per side!

Most of the troops were mine, but Matt fielded the Parthians and the early imperial Romans.

The republican Romans were forced to abandon their neat apex triplex and extend their line to the right.

The Carthaginian skirmishers and Roman velites fought a sharp action in front of the main lines.

The Parthians moved heavy cavalry and archers against the imperial Romans.

These are Matt's imperial Romans, the first figures he ever painted.

In the center, the skirmishers gave way to lines of heavy infantry. The Carthaginians drew first blood.

The Carthaginian battle line was very heavy, but the Roman infantry held.

A unit of Roman velites tore up the Spanish cavalry on the Carthaginian left, and Roman horsemen moved up to deliver the coup de grace.

The Parthians were inflicting heavy losses on the Roman left. What to do?

Charge! The Roman infantry closed with the heavy Parthian cavalry.

At the same time, the Romans pushed back the Carthaginian center. The Roman manipular system allowed them to constantly feed fresh troops into the fray.

With their lines pinned, the Parthians struggled to contain the imperial Romans. The Parthian camels lost heavily to Roman cavalry.

Having crushed the Spanish cavalry, the Roman equites chased Carthage's skirmishers deep into the Carthaginian rear.

With both their flanks turned and their center getting pushed back, the Carthaginian/Parthian army decided to retreat.