Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December Painting Totals, 2008 Retrospective

Even with all the holiday activities, I still finished quite a few figures this month.  Here are the totals:

15mm Republican Romans, 137 foot, 27 mounted
28mm Republican Romans, 18 foot
28mm Macedonians, 20 foot
15mm Napoleonic French, 24 foot

That's 437 Scott Painting Points worth of figures.

And so 2008 ends.  I got a lot of gaming in this year, much more than in previous years.  My regular gaming group has stuck pretty closely to our schedule of one game a month.  We started adding smaller games to our painting nights as well, so that we probably played about 15 games this year.  My school club plays once a month.  I hosted two games at our local convention and played in two more.  All told, I probably played in or hosted 40 games this year, which makes it my busiest gaming year yet.

But my painting pace fell way off this year.  I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands in February, and it kept me from painting for two months.  Even after my casts came off, I still struggled to hold a brush for long periods of time.  I have not yet regained my former speed.  The birth of my first child, while a source of personal joy, definitely cuts into my painting time!

It has been a good year for gaming friendships.  Our little gaming group of me, Jon, and Austin has added some occassional players in Don and Scott R.  My school club added two new members who are busy painting armies.  I played a great World War I game this summer in Lewiston, Idaho, with the Singletons.  My friend Wally, who helped introduce me to the hobby, died in April, but he modeling club he started is still going strong.  I met a lot of local players at Tactical Solutions in October.

Oh, and I started a little blog to keep me busy when I only had the use of one hand at a time.  I set myself a personal goal of making 100 posts this year, which I acheived.  I hope you've enjoyed reading the blog.  I enjoy writing it, providing reviews of figures, and showing off my latest painting.

All things considered, it was a good year.  Here are my 2008 painting totals.

28mm Foot: 564
28mm Mounted: 59
28mm Elephants: 2
15mm Foot: 976
15mm Mounted: 153
15mm Limbers and Teams: 12
15mm Guns: 1
15mm Gunners: 2
15mm Elephants: 2
10mm Foot: 100
10mm Mounted: 39

2008 Total: 1910 figures


  1. Scott,
    Outstanding 2008 painting production. What can we expect in output when you shift into a higher gear?

    Wally introduced many to our hobby and helped forge good friendships. He will be missed.


  2. Wow! You blew my painting numbers out of the water for '08. Sounds like you got some great gaming in as well and had some fun. I have enjoyed following your blog and look forward to continuing in the future.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Hopefully, we can get back to our gaming schedule...IF IT EVER STOPS SNOWING!!!

    My goal in 2009 is 6 guest appearances for my figures on Mr Mac's blog and far fewer appearances on the blog of me getting whupped at the gaming table.


  4. So THOSE are your post "Poor me and my carpal tunnel syndrome" numbers?

    Jeez... you only beat me by... like.... 2000 figures?


    Love your stuff as always:)

  5. I know I have really enjoyed coming up and gaming this last year with you and everyone else and can only hope we do more in the coming year.

    I allso really enjoy following your blog, it inspires me and I look forward to each new enrty !

    Happy New Year !

  6. Wow!! That is over 3 PS3's in Austin Reward Points!! Fantastic!!

    I enjoy your blog....thanks for the inspiration!!

    I have enjoyed gaming with you and hope to be more than an occassional player this year.


  7. It is indeed cool. I have been grinning every time I look at the mini-me.


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