Saturday, December 27, 2008

Foundry Macedonian Phalangites

Last year I picked up some Foundry Macedonian blisters cheap on eBay. I planned to paint them for sale, but I didn't get any interest in my hypaspists, so I decided to start a 2000 point Warhammer Ancient Battles army. By hunting around eBay and Bartertown, I was able to assemble about half the castings I needed. A quick order to Foundry tonight (taking advantage of the Christmas 20% off sale), and I'm ready to start mustering the troops.

I've always been interested in the campaigns of Alexander, but I haven't fancied painting a huge Persian army to face him. Fortunately one of my students is painting a classical Greek hoplite army, so I'll have an opponent for my Macedonians.

When I painted the hypaspists, I used the bright colors common on Macedonian wargaming figures. To be honest, I've always considered those pastel color schemes suspect. I think that the Osprey Warrior volume on Macedonian infantry is more correct: plain red tunics, natural bronze armor, and white linothorax armor. I've decided to paint my Macedonian army in what I consider to be their most likely historical appearance. I presume that the shields with raised detail were stamped bronze, similar to the Successor shield found in Egypt.

These figures, then, are my first phalangites.

All 20 Phalangites

Unarmored Phalangites

Unarmored Phalangites Command

Unarmored Phalangites Detail

Armored Phalangites

Armored Phalangites Command

Armored Phalangites Detail

I like the Foundry figures well enough that I've spent enough time and money to build my whole army from Foundry figures. Usually I would have used Old Glory and Crusader, which are both excellent ranges, but Alexander's army may have been the best in history. I wanted to do these troops full justice. If I decide to expand the army to 3,000 or 4,000 points, I'll start adding troops from other manufacturers.

Here's my WAB roster. I'll be posting pictures of these units as I finish painting them. I hope to finish the entire project by the summer.

9 Companion Cavalry
10 Thessalian Cavalry
10 Light Greek Cavalry
10 Royal Hypaspists with leader and musician
20 Phalangites with leader and musician
20 Phalangites with leader and musician
20 Phalangites with leader and musician
15 Mercenary Hoplites
10 Javelinmen
10 Javelinmen
10 Archers


  1. Hello,
    Nice job but I really like your bases could you tell me what colors you used? Thanks,

  2. Colors on bases or on figures, Brent?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Scott just wondering about the bases. Thanks.

  5. I painted the sides of the bases brown velvet. The main surface of the bases is Noch's ballast brown. The shrubs and rock are the same materials I detailed in the basing post below.

  6. Scott,

    Wonderful work ! I cannot imagine how the whole army will look like when marching across the firld of battle.

    Curious ... what paints do you find work for you ?

    Any favorites ?


  7. Joe, most of the paints are craft paints from Michael's. Here are the shades I used for these figures. All are Delta Ceramcoats unless otherwise noted.

    White, Eggplant, Apple Barrel Violet, Territorial Brown, Dark Brown, Cayenne, Medium Flesh, Brown Iron Oxide, Cinnamon, Red Iron Oxide, Mettalic Bronze, Opaque Red, Black, Charcoal, Victorian Teal, Midnight Blue, Liberty Blue, Apple Barrel Pure Silver, Testor's silver enamel, and Testor's gold enamel.

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