Monday, December 8, 2008

Old Glory Austrian Cuirassiers

This is a unit I painted for the Aspern-Essling game back in October.  As the battle turned out, I could have saved my time.  These heavy cavalry failed all their maneuver rolls and never got into action.

Armies of the period tended to mount each squadron on similarly colored horses.  At least that was the ideal.  I imagine that, under the stresses of actual campaigning, that ideal was rarely attained.  Still, I like the look, and I paint my brigades accordingly.  These cuirassiers got blacks, befitting their status as elite heavy horse.

The Old Glory figures painted up very well.  I have some AB French cuirassiers, and they're beautiful figures.  For my next batch of Austrians, I'll probably use ABs.  Still, I got these figures for $.64 apiece, and I'm happy with them.

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