Thursday, October 22, 2009

Connecticut Militia

My GMB flags arrived last week, and I was able to finish Poor's brigade. I'll be putting the finished units on the blog over the next week.

Here's the Connecticut militia, 18 figures strong. My painting notes say:

'Probably mostly in hunting frocks, with quite a few men in red faced brown coats capture from the British brig "Thomas." No standard uniforms were settled on until 1886!'

I elected to stick with various shades of brown for this unit. There's actually a lot of variety in color, but by keeping it all within the brown part of the spectrum, I'm able to get the suggestion of uniformity without actually making the figures uniform. The one figure who really stands out is in the maroon hunting frock.


  1. The red and brown looks great together. I know you didn't invent that uniform, but you sure painted it nicely!

  2. Scott, I just ADORE your painting style. SOOOOO toy soldier; really perfect.

  3. Thanks, all. I'm enjoying this figures, and I'm pretty pleased with how they've turned out. Many people have done better paint jobs on these figures, though.

  4. Those are great. I love the color pallete. I think you really achieved your goal of variety and uniformity.