Saturday, October 31, 2009

More Sash and Saber Rebs

I'm still waiting to prep my Perrys, and so I'm still painting ACW figures. Here are the next lot of Confederates, again painted in just two days. I'll have 160 men in the ranks to go with the 40 men on command stands. Because I'm painting so many, I can afford to actually make uniform color choices with small groups like this.

These guys all got brown hair, a brown hat, brown haversacks, khaki canteen covers, grey jackets, grey pants, and grey blankets. Those three greys are all slightly different.

So I now have 100 rankers to go with the 40 command figures and 40 skirmishers. Here are all the rankers.

Looking at all 100 together, I think they look awfully grey. My last 60 figures should have a lot more butternut.


  1. I'm amazed at the quality and quantity you put out!

  2. Scott

    Your figures look the real deal - I'm impressed. I've recently acquired some Perry's ACW figures but was looking for something - or someone's - painting that made them look both accurate but not too dulled down. Your examples seem to fit the bill nicely. I like both the result and the way you've gone about it - mind if I slavishly copy your example?

    BTW - I hope you don't mind if I include a link to your blog on my own. I've just started to blog seriously and wanted some really good ones as points of reference. As you can see its mainly Napoleonic stuff but I have links to earlier stuff from other eras and will do ACW again at some point - as long as its historical I don't really mind which period.

    Anyhow here's the link to mine if you want to see what its about:

    Please feel free to visit and leave a comment.

    Yours from the other side of the globe,