Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Painting Totals

28mm AWI Americans, 74 foot, 4 mounted, 1 gun
28mm ACW Confederates, 60 foot, 1 gun

Despite the time lost to a modeling show and a gaming convention, I kept up a pretty good pace in October. I painted 134 foot, 4 horse, and 2 guns, for 578 SPPs this month and 4176 for the year.

I've painted the following figures so far this year:
28mm Foot: 588
28mm Mounted: 72
28mm Guns, 2
15mm Foot: 564
15mm Mounted: 105
15mm Elephants: 6
15mm Guns: 2


  1. Scott,

    Off topic question. Do you have any tips for making Union ACW figures "pop" more? I'm painting up a bunch and with the dark blue coats with black belts, etc. they tend to look at a little drab. I'd love to hear what you have to say about this and maybe see some very close up photos of what you've done. (I've seen your other photos of the Union ACW and they aren't close enough for me to see what you're doing). Thanks.


  2. Ken, let me see what I can photograph for you. Did you look at the generals? The technique is the same.

    I start with a navy blue as my base shade. Then I mix some sky blue with the navy blue to get my main shade. I add a little more sky blue to get my highlight shade.

  3. Oh, and before I even start the blue, I give all the leather equipment a light drybrushing with a medium tan color.